The tandem project is a great opportunity to learn or improve a new language. It consists in meeting regularly a person who is mothertongue of the language you're interested in and talk to him/her in the language you want to improve.
Your partner will be chosen because he/she will be interested in your language,so he/she can try to speak to you in your native language.
Day by day, you become less shy and much more comfortable in talking in the language you're interested in!

How does it work?

All the people interested in this great mutual language exchange, which is furthermore completely for free, meet in a place, such as a bar and divide in some group according to the chosen language.The organizers propose to them several games (such as to guess the name of the person that someone of your group wrote on a post it which was put on your forehead) and after this funny entertainments they feel comfortable in speaking in a free way.

Where and When? 

Very easy: just follow the ESN Ancona page and stay tuned!

What languages ​​can I find? 

The most common languages you can talk are:​​ Italian, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese and German.

How often can I participate? 

The goal is to try to have four Tandem per month starting from October. In some circumstances we have to be forced to jump but if you care you can just come and help us to organize them. We are more and more things we can do.