Vogliamo condividere con voi le dolcissime parole di una ragazza che ha vissuto la sua esperienza Erasmus nella nostra città.

We want to share with you the sweet words of a girl who lived her Erasmus experience in our city.
"My expectations about my abroad semester in Ancona were extremely low. As I couldn’t imagine a better place for Erasmus than Padova and I actually had quite a good life again in Prague, I wasn’t looking forward to leave again. But in spite of my mom’s and my flatmate’s begging, I forced myself to leave again. And do I regret it? Not even a bit. It turned out that there is a place where I could be comparably happy as in Padova…
Nevertheless, I had spent half of my time in Ancona rejecting any deeper feelings for anybody because I didn’t want to be hurt again or lose my existing friends over the new ones. But at certain point I just forgot to be careful and all those amazing people got into my heart. And do you know what I figured? There is actually an unlimited space there.
I had spent the other half of my time saying goodbye to all those people who I let in. And thus at the end, I was hurt, but it was worth it because I also loved. I learned so much about myself and something from each person that I have met. You can wonder what a person can learn during a “party semester abroad” and maybe it is just me, but I think that at the end, it is all about people and about trying to get to know them, listening to their stories and letting them in your life to let them inspire you and help you to realize a lot. Or sometimes you can just listen to their story and decide that you don’t want to listen to it anymore. But where else can you hear more stories from people all around the world in the most natural way than at your semester abroad?
So at the end, everything was different. I let many people in and I let some out, I got hurt and I got super happy, I learned better Italian and a bit of this and that language, I got more free future places to sleep all around Europe and more than I had before, I learned to never trust my first impression unless it was correct (meaning you can never ever know), I discovered that Coccolino is a softener also in Italy and not a detergent as I thought for too long, I learned to ask for what I want a bit more often than before (but I still have to work on that), I found out that scrambled eggs with jam are actually really good, that what is called a “rape” in Italian (beetroot) is not called a “rape” in English and I shouldn’t say that I am gonna have rape tonight in front of strangers and last but definitely not least, to not be scared of unknown because it could turn out to be the best thing that you have ever done. And so I cannot wait for all the unknowns which are ahead of me now (but keeping the “knowns” in my life too).
And most importantly – I did conquered Ancona, but Ancona also conquered me."